Greenland Halibut

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Greenland Halibut

Scientific Name:  Reinhardtius Hippoglossides

Origin:  Norway

Presentation:  Headon Gutted (HOG), HG, HGT, By Products

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Greenland Halibut (Reinhardtius Hippoglossoides) also known as Turbot in North America belongs to the family Pleuronectidae and is found in depths between 1500 to 3000 feet and mostly found in Atlantic, northern Pacific and Arctic Oceans. Greenland Halibut will range from 60 to 80 cm in length mainly and can weight from 1 to 11 lbs. Greenland Halibut has sweet and mild taste with flaky and firm texture.

Name: Greenland Halibut
Scientific Name: Reinhardtius Hippoglossides
Origin: Norway
Presentation: Headon Gutted (HOG), HG, HGT, By Products

Norway Origin:

Headon Gutted (HOG) Sizes: Under 1, 1-3, 3+ kg
Season: May to August
Freezing Methods: Block
Packing: Packed in cartons, paper bags, totes

H&G, HGT Sizes: Under 1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-5, 5+ kg
Season: Available all year round
Freezing Methods: Block, Interleaved
Packing: Packed in cartons, paper bags

By Products:

– Greenland Halibut Heads
– Greenland Halibut Tails

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