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CTLE Seafood, Inc., is a Canadian company established in 2005,  however, seafood business has been in running in the family since 1970’s which include fishing, processing and trading with operations ranging from Central America to South Asia.

Today, CTLE Seafood, Inc. is a full time trading company supplying fresh and frozen seafood products through established partnerships, cooperations and their own representatives from Asia, Europe and South America. This provides the company the ability to supply a wide selection of fresh and frozen seafood products to it’s customers in North America, Europe and Asia from their own trusted partners.


From 2006 to 2018 we were involved extensively in China with reprocessing and later supplying raw materials as well as a wide range of products to the Chinese market. Today, we supply limited products out of China.

We started supplying from Vietnam since 2006 limited species but as of today we have a much wider range of products from our supply base in Vietnam. Due to this, we can mix various species in a single order or shipment which some of our customers appreciate.

We have our own representative in India since 2005 and supply Loligo Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish and other fish and shellfish species in various forms.


Our main products that we supply from Norway has been Atlantic Cod, Haddock and Greenland Halibut since 2007. Other products such as Redfish, Saithe, Atlantic Salmon, Capelin, Atlantic Mackerel and by products we supply in limited volumes as per demand.

We set up our own profit sharing partnership in Iceland since 2010 and have been supplying in large volumes Atlantic Mackerel and in limited volumes products such as of Capelin Roe, Lumpfish, Whelk, Redfish, Herring, White Fish Fillets and other by products. In 2023, we started offering fresh Atlantic Cod Fillets and Loins, Haddock Fillets, Fresh Salmon Fillets and other fresh White Fish Fillets.

North America

Canada & USA:
Since 2005 we have been supplying mainly wild salmon such as Chum Salmon and Pink Salmon to China for reprocessing and also limited volumes to Europe. In addition to wild salmon, we also supply in limited volumes Black Cod, Sockeye Salmon, Pacific Cod, Snow Crab and Capelin from Canada and USA.

South America

We have been involved in Chile since 2006 mainly supplying Atlantic Salmon, Chilean King Crab, Chilean Seabass and Locos mainly. In addition to our main products from Chile, we also have added other products such as Mussels and Giant Squid in various forms.

From Peru our main production has been of Giant Squid since 2005 in various forms. However, we do also offer other products such as Horse Mackerel and Mahi Mahi.

In addition to the above origins, we also have certain species of fish, shellfish and cephalopds which we supply out of Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela.


We do not retail, wholesale or distribute our products.  We only directly supply to Importers.

On most items, we can consider to accept around 10 tons or 22,000 lbs order.  However, certain items are volume based and min order is 1×40′ FCL.  Please feel free to contact us with your requirements so we can assist you better.

Yes and No.  Depending on the product and origin.  For example if it is salmon, it usually comes directly from salmon farms and they only specialize in salmon.  However, in certain origins, our partners are processing various products and we can mix according to your requirements.

Yes, we can.  From certain origins and certain products, we can process according to your specifications subject to product being available.  We can also pack as per your requirements either in Retail in your brand or bulk for wholesale and distribution.

At this time, we are only handling a few species of fresh fish from Iceland.  All other origins, we only handle frozen.  Currently we do not handle any live products.