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Welcome to CTLE Seafood, Inc.  We are a Canadian company established in 2005,  however, seafood business goes back several decades from early 1970’s to late 1990’s which included processing, fishing and trading with operations ranging from Central America to South Asia.

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View our wide variety of frozen fish products in various froms.


We supply a range of shellfish products such as crabs, shrimps and much more.


View our selection of frozen squids and cuttlefish products.
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Flying Fish Roe

Flying Fish Roe Update

Flying Fish Roe Salted Cypselurus Heterurus / Exocoetus Volitans / Cheilopongo Heterurus / Hirundichthys RodeletiiProduct of PeruFAO 87Packed in 10

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Grouper Fillet Suppliers, Exporters

Grouper Fillets Update

Grouper Fillets Epinephelus diacanthusSkinless, boneless, pin bone out100% net weight, UntreatedIQF, IWP, 10 lbs Carton4-6 oz – 8800 lbs6-8 oz

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