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Saithe Fillet Suppliers

Saithe Fillets Single Frozen Update

Saithe Fillets Single Frozen Saithe FilletsProduct of IcelandLand Frozen, Interleaved 3×9 kgSkinless, PBISizes:  8-16, 16-32, 32+ oz Currently we have ready 8-16 oz and 16-32 oz in Skinless, PBI.  We

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Butterfish Whole Round

Butterfish Update

Butterfish Product of PeruPerilus MediusWhole Round, Block FrozenPacked in 10 kg cartonsSizes: 100-150, 150-200, 200-300, 300+ grams Productions are going on and we are taking orders right now subject to

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Chilean Jack Mackerel

Jack Mackerel Update

Jack Mackerel Product of ChileTrachurus MurphyiWhole Round, Block FrozenPacked in 10 or 20 kg cartonsSizes: 300-500, 500-900, 900+ grams Productions are currently going on. Season will finish by June. Contact

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Frozen Oysters

Oysters Update

Frozen Oysters Product of USA(Crassostrea virginicia)Season is from September to AprilGraded and UngradedGraded Sizes: 3-4 inches, 4-5 inches, 5-6 inches per piece Contact us for more information on Oysters Whole

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Monkfish Whole Gutted

Monkfish Update

Monkfish Product of BrazilWhole Gutted Stomach InSize: 5 kgs upIQF, IWP or IQF Bulk Pack, 20 kg cartons Also we can supply Monkfish Tails Skinon from Brazil. The sizes are

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Illex Squid Whole Round

Illex Squid Update

Illex Squid Product of ArgentinaWhole Round, Frozen at SeaJigger Caught / Trawl CaughtBlock Frozen, Packed in bagsSizes: 100-200, 200-300 and 300+ grams The fishing for Illex Squid for 2024 season

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