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Illex Squid Whole Round

Illex Squid Update

Illex Squid Product of ArgentinaWhole Round, Frozen at SeaJigger Caught / Trawl CaughtBlock Frozen, Packed in bagsSizes: 100-200, 200-300 and 300+ grams The fishing for Illex Squid for 2024 season

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King Crab Chile Suppliers Exporters

Chilean King Crab Update

Chilean King Crab Lithodes SantollaWhole Cooked FrozenSizes: 800 grams upRegion X and Region XIIIQF, Packed in 10 kg random weight cartons The season in Chile for King Crab is now

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Frozen Greenland Halibut HGT 2-3 kg Longline

Greenland Halibut Update

Greenland Halibut Product of NorwayHG / HGTFrozen At Sea, Block FrozenPacked in Paper Bags Random WeightSizes:  1-2, 2-3, 3-5 kg Kindly note, fishing of Greenland Halibut FAS is going on

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Frozen Cuttlefish Whole Cleaned

Cuttlefish Update

Cuttlefish Whole CleanedIQF, TreatedGlazing:  20%Sizes: U1, 1/2, pcs per kgPacked in 22 lbs cartons Season is will finish by March/April.  Currently the supply is low due to less captures.  Contact

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Silver Pomfret

Silver Pomfret Update

Silver Pomfret Pampus ArgenteusWhole RoundIQF, IWP, 10 kg cartonsCan pack as per your requirementSizes: 150/200, 200/300, 300/400, 400/500, 500+ grams Landings of Silver Pomfret has now started.  Kindly note that

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