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Capelin Suppliers Exporters

Capelin Update

Capelin Product of CanadaWhole Round, Block FrozenPacking in 10 kg and 2×4.5 kg cartons FemalesRoe:  18-24 %Sizes:  41/45, 46/50, 51/55, 56/60, 61/65, 65+ pcs per kg Males25-35 pcs per kgSizes

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Red Shrimp Suppliers Exporters

Argentine Red Shrimp Update

Argentine Red Shrimp Pleoticus MuelleriFrozen at SeaHeadon, Shellon (HOSO)Packing: 6×2 kg, 12 kg net weight cartonsL1 (10-20 pcs per kg)L2 (20-30 pcs per kg) Season has started and fishing has

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Atlantic Mackerel Whole

Atlantic Mackerel Update

Atlantic Mackerel Origin:  Iceland, NorwayScomber ScombrusCurrent Fat content: 22% upSize:  400-600 gramsSeine Caught, Block FrozenPacked in cartons Iceland:Season in Iceland has started.  We expect the production to start for Whole

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King Crab Chile Suppliers Exporters

Chilean King Crab Update

Chilean King Crab Lithodes SantollaWhole Cooked Frozen Short Spike:Sizes:  400/600, 600/800, 800 up grams.  Main size will be 600/800 grams. Long Spike:Sizes:  800 grams upMain sizes will range from 1

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Frozen Tilapia Suppliers

Tilapia Update

Tilapia Product of PanamaOreochromis NiloticusWhole Gutted Gilled Scaled350-550 grams – 10%550-750 grams – 80%750 + grams – 10%IQF, Bulk Pack, 1×40 lb cartons. We are now supplying Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus)

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Fresh Salmon Fillet Trim D

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Update

Fresh Atlantic Fillets Fillets, Trim DProduct of IcelandSizes:  2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5+ lbsPacked in 30-40 lbsMin Order:  1000 lbs Fresh Atlantic Salmon prices have dropped significantly in the last couple

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