Sea Urchin Roe

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Sea Urchin Roe

Scientific Name:  Loxechinus Albus

Origin:  Chile

Presentation:  Roe

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Sea Urchin Roe (Loxechinus Albus) also known as Uni belongs to the family Parenchinidae. This specie of Sea Urchin is native to Southern South America and can found ranging from Ecuador, Peru and Chile. It is also known as Chilean Sea Urchin or Red Sea Urchin. Loxenchinus Albus is a fast growing Sea Urchin with a diamter and found on rocky reefs and shores with depts upto 1100 feet. Texture of Sea Urchin Roe can be described as buttery and creamy and taste as sweet.

Name: Sea Urchin Roe
Scientific Name: Loxechinus Albus
Origin: Chile
Presentation: Roe – Uni

Chile Origin:

Roe – Uni: Grade A, Grade V
Season: March to October
Freezing Methods: Frozen in Trays
Packing: 100 grams Tray, 3 kg cartons.

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