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Flying Fish Roe

Flying Fish Roe Update

Flying Fish Roe Salted Cypselurus Heterurus / Exocoetus Volitans / Cheilopongo Heterurus / Hirundichthys RodeletiiProduct of PeruFAO 87Packed in 10 kg, 1 kg salt, 10 kg net weight Subject to

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Grouper Fillet Suppliers, Exporters

Grouper Fillets Update

Grouper Fillets Epinephelus diacanthusSkinless, boneless, pin bone out100% net weight, UntreatedIQF, IWP, 10 lbs Carton4-6 oz – 8800 lbs6-8 oz – 14,000 lbs8-10 oz to 1-3 lbs – 21,200 lbs

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Frozen Seafood Mix

Seafood Mix

Seafood Mix Product of PeruBags, as per your requirement (Bag size and packing)Giant Squid RingsGiant Squid Cooked Tentacles SlicesGiant Squid TipsGiant Squid ButtonsGiant Squid CubesGiant Squid Necks StripCooked MusselsShrimp PND

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Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon Update

Coho Salmon Product of ChileHeadon, Gutted4 kg up or 9 lbs up We currently can supply headon gutted Coho Salmon 4 kg up or 9 lbs up in Premium.  We

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