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Southern Octopus Whole Gutted Chile

Southern Octopus – February 14th, 2019

Southern Octopus Product of ChileEntroctopus MegalociathusWhole, GuttedSizes: 800/1000, 1000/1500, 1500/2000, 2000 up gramsMain sizes are 1000 to 2000 gramsGlazing 3-5% compensatedCan supply IQF and Block Frozen The season is just

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happy lunar new year 2019 CTLE Seafood Inc

Happy Lunar New Year 2019

Dear Friends, It is now the time of the year where some of our friends in Asia celebrate the Lunar New Year and we would like to take this opportunity

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Chile Mussel Meat Suppliers Exporters

Mussel Meat January 27th 2019

Mussel Meat Product of ChileMytilus ChilensisCooked Frozen Mussel MeatPremium Quality100-200, 200-300, 300-500 pcs per kgPacked in cartons. We can supply either in 100% net weight 9 kg cartons or 10%

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Pacific Cod Fillets Skinon

Alaskan Pacific Cod January 27th 2019

Alaskan Pacific Cod Product of Alaska, USAGadus Macrocephalus Fillets:Skinon, pin bone inShatterpack, 3×15 or block 25 lb4-8, 8-16, 16-32, 32 oz up H&GCBO (Collar bone on)Sizes:under 2 kg, 2-3 kg,

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