Atlantic Mackerel Update

Atlantic Mackerel Whole

Atlantic Mackerel

Origin:  Iceland, Norway
Scomber Scombrus

Current Fat content: 22% up
Size:  400-600 grams
Seine Caught, Block Frozen
Packed in cartons

Season in Iceland has started.  We expect the production to start for Whole Round Atlantic Mackerel around 3rd week of July and will continue until September.  The fat content of Iceland Atlantic Mackerel will reach over 22% from late July and meat starts to firm up.

We expect the Norway Atlantic Mackerel start around August until October/November subject to catch.  Norwegian Atlantic Mackerel of August production usually is firm meat and fat content over 22%.

Main sizes are going to be 400-600 grams and we can expect some quantities of 500+ grams.  Please feel free to discuss with us your needs as once the prices are fixed we can immediately advise you.



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