Blue Crab & Spider Crab Update June 2018

Spider Crab Whole Cooked Frozen Suppliers Exporters

Spider Crab
Product of UK
Maja squinado
Whole Cooked Frozen
Sizes:  Under 1 kg, 1-1.4 kg, 1.4 kg+
Nicely Wrapped and Packed

Contact us with your demands.  Booking orders now.

Blue Crab
Product of Venezuela
Calineccetes sapidus
Whole Raw Frozen
Size:  80-105 grams
23.5 kg Packing approximately
1×40′ FCL per month.  Can supply more depending on catch and production

Blule Crab Whoe Suppliers Exporters

Female to Male %, approximately 70/30% as per last shipment.  This is just an idea % as it may fluctuate and change depending on the production.



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