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June 11th, 2014 Update

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Jun 11 2014 05:02AM

Atlantic Redfish Sebastes Mentella H&G fishing is now starting. Also regular landings of WR Sebastes Mentella. Besides this, our season in Iceland for Mackerel has started.

Atlantic Redfish

Product of Norway

Sebastes Mentella

Seafrozen, Block Frozen

Packed in random weight bags

1 - H&G:

200-300, 300-500 grams

Anti-Oxident Treated

Catching June and July

Quantity expected: 500 MT approximately

2 - WR (Whole Round)

Mainly landing 500-800 grams

Anti-Oxident Treated

Regular landings in small quantities.

Based on orders, we will fill up and ship out. Contact us.


Atlantic Mackerel H&G

Product of Iceland

Scomber Scombrus

Seafrozen, Trawl Caught

Block Frozen, 1x18 kg

Sizes: 200+ and 250+ grams

Fat Content: 10-15% during June, 15-20% in July, 20%+ from middle July to end of Season.

First vessel arriving on June 15th with 450 MT. Total Quota is 9000 MT for the vessel. Every week they will bring 450 MT from now to September. Contact us.

For any other information, please feel free to contact us.

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