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August 3rd, 2015 Update

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Aug 3 2015 08:29PM

Please find herewith our current update:

- Atlantic Mackerel

Product of Iceland

Whole Round, Land Frozen

Longline Caught, IQF, 12 kg cartons

300-500 and 400-600 grams

Fat content: 20-28%

Please note that fishing has started and will last until early to middle September. Productions are now being booked.


- Brown Crab

Product of UK

Whole Cooked Frozen

Whole Raw Frozen

400/600, 600/800, 800+ grams

Packed in 10 kg cartons

We can supply you Raw Frozen or Cooked Frozen Whole Brown Crabs. Season is until end of the year and productions are being booked.


- Pink Salmon

Product of USA

H&G, Land Frozen

IQF, Packed in Totels

Size: 2-4 lbs approximately

We are booking orders. All orders are subject to first come first book.


For any other items, please feel free to contact us.

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