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Scientific Name:  Pollachius Virens

Origin:  Iceland, Norway

Presentation:  HG, Fillets, Light Salted Fillets

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Saithe (Pollachius Virens) also known as Atlantic Pollock is a specie found in the Atlantic waters and can live upto 20 years approximately. Saithe or Atlantic Pollock usually found at depths of 1100 feet with average length will range between 45 to 85 cm and weight 1 to 10 lbs. It has unique taste and the texture of the fish is firm.

Name: Saithe / Atlantic Pollock
Scientific Name: Pollachius Virens
Origin: Iceland, Norway
Presentation: H&G, Fillets, Light Salted Fillets

Iceland Origin:

Fillet (Single Frozen) Sizes:  4-8, 8-16, 16-32 oz
Season: September to June
Freezing Methods: Interleaved
Packing: Packed in cartons

Light Salted (Single Frozen) Sizes: 8-16, 16-32, 32+ oz
Season: September to June
Freezing: IQF
Packing: Packed in cartons

Norway Origin:

H&G: Under 1.2, 1.2+ kg
Season: Available all year round
Freezing Methods: Block
Packing: Packed in paper bags

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