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By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Apr 14 2017 04:32AM

Pleae find here with our current updates:

Cod Milt - We have around 1-2 containers available. Production 2017. Subject to first sale.


Vannamei Shrimps HLSO - the season has started but harvest currently is not very strong. Contact us.


Capelin Roe - our production is now finished. We have limited quantities left. Contact us.


Other Products:

- Whelk Whole Cooked

- Razor Clams Whole Raw Frozen

- Vannamei Shrimps HOSO

- California Squid

- Scallop Meat Roe off

- Cod Fillets, Tails, Loins, Portions

- Saithe Loins

Contact us with your requirements.

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Feb 22 2015 08:19PM

We are pleased to advise the following.

- Lumpfish

Product of Iceland

Whole Gutted, Land Frozen

Block Frozen, Ungraded sizes

Main size ranges 1-2 kg

Season for lumpfish starting March. Conatct us to discuss your needs and your prices.


- Whelk

Product of UK

Buccinum Undatum

Whole Cooked Frozen

40-60 pcs per kg

Contact us with your needs. We are taking orders right now.


- Rainbow Trout

Product of Iceland


1-2, 2-3 kg size

We can supply 1-2 containers per month. Contact us.


For any other product, please feel free to contact us.

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