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By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Dec 5 2015 04:37AM

Please find here with our current updates. For all other products, please contact us.

Bay Scallop Meat

Product of China

40/60 to 150/200 pcs per lb

80% Moisture, Natural, 100% net weight

Contact us with your requirements. Kindly note, all is subject to production.


Haddock Fillets - We are still taking orders for haddock fillets. Contact us.


Atlantic Cod Fillets / Loins - We are still taking orders for Cod Loins and Fillets. Contact us.


Atlantic Red Fish

Sebastes Marinus

H&G, Seafrozen

Anti-Oxident Treated

We have landings going on until June 2016. Sizes range from 100/200 to 700+ grams. Main size is 300/500 grams.


Other Products:

- Atlantic Cod H&G

- Atlantic Cod Heads

- Haddock H&G

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Sep 25 2015 02:39AM

We are now coming to end of the year and as we get closer to December, many of the products season are coming to an end. Some are just starting.


- Atlantic Redfish - Season in Iceland has started in September and will continue until June. Main size for H&G Atlantic Redfish Sebastes Marinus is 300-500 grams. Other sizes include 200-300, 500-700, 700+ grams.


- Fishing season in India has started. Some areas currently the fishing has not been very good, however, it is expected to improve. Some of the products include Ribbonfish, Semi Needle Squid, Loligo Squid, Cuttlefish, besides others. Contact us with your requirements.


- Atlantic Mackerel fishing is currently going. Sizes are 300-500 and 400-600 grams, block frozen in 20 kg cartons.

- Other items include Atlantic Cod H&G, Haddock H&G, Saithe H&G and with limited supply of Redfish and Greenland Halibut.


We are taking orders for the following products:

- Atlantic Cod Fillets

- Atlantic Cod Loins

- Atlantic Cod Tail Fillets

- Alaska Pollock Fillets

- Pink Salmon Fillets

- Pink Salmon Portions

- Chum Salmon Fillets

- Chum Salmon Portions

- Pacific Cod Fillets

- Pacific Cod Loins

- Pacific Cod Tail Fillets

- Haddock Fillets

Plus various other items.

Kindly note we do not get into pricing wars with others. We prefer to concentrate on supplying a proper quality product to our customers. Please contact us with your exact specifications.

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Jun 25 2015 03:08AM

We are pleased to update you on the following:

Haddock Fillets - Taking orders right now.

Blue Cod Fillets - Taking orders right now.

Atlantic Cod Fillets and Loins - Taking orders right now.

Chum Salmon H&G - Alaskan - Season is now starting. Contact us with your requirements.

Brown Crab - UK - Season will start in July. Let us know your interest

Atlantic Mackerel - Iceland - Season will start in July. Contact us with your interest.

Atlantic Salmon Headon, Gutted - Chile - We have special price. Subject to change. Contact us.

Argentine Red Shrimp - Argentina - Fishing is going on right now.

Capelin roe - Iceland - Ready stock available. 2015 Production.

For any other products, please feel free to contact us.

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Apr 7 2015 05:40PM

Please find herewith our current update:

- Haddock Fillets - Production in China are going on for Haddock Fillets. Raw materials are limited. Contact us with your requirements.

- Atlantic Cod Fillets - Productions in China are going on for Atlantic Cod Fillets. Contact us with your requirements.

- Brown Crab Claws - Taking orders now for Brown Crab Claws. Contact us for details.

- Lumpfish - We are booking orders now. Season will finish in May. Contact us for more details.

- Argentine Red Shrimp - We have stock available and subject to first sale. Contact us for details.

- Illex Squid - We have both Trawl caught and Jigger caught. Fishing is going on. Contact us with your requirements.

For any other products, feel free to contact us.

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