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By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Aug 1 2017 07:56AM

Our season for Atlantic Mackerel has now started. Currently we are getting seafrozen trawl caught in sizes of 300-500 and 400-600 grams Whole Round. Additionally, we are also supply H&G Atlantic Mackerel and current sizes are 250+ grams, soon will be 300+ grams. The current fat content is well over 20%+. Ranging between 22-28%.

Our IQF Long Line Atlantic Mackerel will begin second week of August.

Contact us.

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Aug 4 2016 06:33PM

We are pleased to update the following:

- Atlantic Mackerel H&G - we have now fishing and production going on for Atlantic Mackerel H&G. Fat content is over 20%+, block frozen, packed in cartons. Sizes are 250+ grams. Contact us before the season ends.

- Atlantic Mackerel WR Trawl caught are landing, main size is 400-600 grams from now on.

- Atlantic Mackerel WR IQF land frozen long line - this is a better quality than trawl caught but plants will only produce after confirmed orders and advance payment. Size will mainly be 400-600 grams with fat 20-28%.

- Brown Crab - we are now taking orders for whole cooked brown crab sizes 400-600, 600-800 and 800+ grams.

- Chilean King Crab - Whole cooked Chilean King Crab. We are taking orders, sizes 800+ grams.

- Argentine Red Shrimp - We have both HOSO and HLSO production going on right now. Contact us.

- Chum Salmon H&G - we have limited supply and subject to availability.

- Atlantic Redfish WR - Sebastes Mentella - we have landings in small quantities. Feel free to contact with us.

- California Squid - we are now taking orders for California Squid. Kindly note it is subject to production and catch.

For all other items, please feel free to contact us.

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Aug 10 2014 02:21AM

Please find here with our current updates:

Coldwater Shrimps

Product of Norway

Pandalus Borealis

Whole Cooked Frozen

Seafrozen, IQF, 5 kg cartons

90/120 pcs per kg size

There are several different lots coming available. Please note that once these lots become available, they are sold out very quickly. Contact us for availability.


Atlantic Mackerel

Product of Iceland

Fat content: 22-28%

- H&G - we have availability and 400-450 MT arriving every 7-10 days.

- Whole Round - Seafrozen - We have 100-150 MT arriving every week. Contact us.

- Whole Round - Land Frozen - Productions will finish around edn of August.


Vannamei Shrimp

Product of India


Block Frozen, Packed in cartons

- HOSO - 20/30, 30/40, 40/50 pcs per kg

- HLSO - 21/25, 26/30, 31/35, 36/40, 41/50, 51/60 pcs per lb


For all other products, please feel free to contact us.

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., May 19 2014 10:35PM

We are pleased inform the following update on Atlantic Mackerel Scomber Scombrus.

1 - Atlantic Mackerel H&G

Product of Iceland

Seafrozen, Block Frozen, Packed in Cartons

Sizes range from 250+ grams to 350+ grams.

Fishing is expected start from middle of June, around three weeks from now for H&G Atlantic Mackerel. The quota for the vessel we are working with this year is around 9000 MT. The fishing will last until late September.

Fat Contents:

In June the Fat content will range from 10-15%

From early July to middle of July the fat content will range from 12-18%

After third week of July the fat content is over 20% and will start touching around 24-28% in August.

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