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By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Sep 8 2016 06:33PM

We are now in position to supply Ribbonfish Whole Round and HGT from Venezuela. Block Frozen, packed in 10 kg cartons. For sizes and breakdown, please contact us.

Sep 16 2016 06:24PM by Ryan Bak


I'm an export/import manager in SKS International, inc based in Seattle.
We are interested in exporting Venezuela Ribbon fish to Haiphong, Vietanm.

It's arppreciatvie for you to send us size/raio, CFR Haipong, Veitnam and photos

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.



Sep 16 2016 06:27PM by tradelink

Hi Rya,

Please contact us to our email: sales@ctle-seafood.com

Jan 2 2017 05:00PM by Maycol Rocca

I am Maycol Rocca I work for Love Green Peru this is a branch office, We want to buy Silverbelt Fish (300 – 400, 400 – 500, 500 – 700 whole fish) we would like to know the price for 1 container the destination is Shenzhen, China. Thank you, we wait for your soon answer.

Jan 3 2017 02:46AM by tradelink

Dear Maycol Rocca,

Please contact us at: sales@ctle-seafood.com for price.


Apr 4 2018 02:29AM by Moon

Hello, I am looking for Frozen Ribbon Fish from Korea.
Kindly reply me by email for details.

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