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March 28th, 2014 Update

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Mar 28 2014 07:28PM

We are pleased to advise the following update. Feel free to contact us with more information or any other inquiry.

Mussels - Mytilus Edulis

Product of Iceland

Whole Cooked Frozen

Wild Caught

Vacuum Packed in 1 kg bags, 15 kg cartons

40-55 mm - 40-60 pcs per kg approximately

55-75 mm - 60-80 pcs per kg approximately

The season for mussels in Iceland is from September to June. These are all wild caught. Contact us for pricing and more pictures.


Atlantic Mackerel

Product of Norway

Whole Round, Land Frozen

Trawl Caught, Block Frozen, 20 kg cartons

300-500 grams

Jan-Feb 2014 Production

Only few containers remaining

There are only limited quantities available as the season has been over. Please feel free to contact us as these are subject to first sale.

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