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December 4th, 2015 Update

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Dec 5 2015 04:37AM

Please find here with our current updates. For all other products, please contact us.

Bay Scallop Meat

Product of China

40/60 to 150/200 pcs per lb

80% Moisture, Natural, 100% net weight

Contact us with your requirements. Kindly note, all is subject to production.


Haddock Fillets - We are still taking orders for haddock fillets. Contact us.


Atlantic Cod Fillets / Loins - We are still taking orders for Cod Loins and Fillets. Contact us.


Atlantic Red Fish

Sebastes Marinus

H&G, Seafrozen

Anti-Oxident Treated

We have landings going on until June 2016. Sizes range from 100/200 to 700+ grams. Main size is 300/500 grams.


Other Products:

- Atlantic Cod H&G

- Atlantic Cod Heads

- Haddock H&G

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

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