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December 23rd, 2015 Update

By CTLE Seafood, Inc., Dec 24 2015 02:25AM

Please find here with our current updates:


Product of USA

Headon, Gutted

Tails Sknon or Skinless

Please feel free to contact us. We are taking orders for 2016



Product of Iceland

Whole Round

Block Frozen

Capelin season is expected to start in January 2016. First the production for male capelin will start. Female capelin is expected to follow from February.


Cod Backbones with Bladder

Product of Iceland

Block Frozen

We are taking orders for January shipments of Cod Backbones with bladder.


Mussel Meat

Product of Chile

Cooked Frozen Mussel Meat

Production has started and we are now taking orders.


For all other products, please feel free to contact us.

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