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Whole Round, Fillets, Tails

Land Frozen

100/200, 300/400, 400/800, 800+ grams

Block Frozen, IWP

Sizes mentioned are for Fillets

Pacific Hake


Frozen at Sea

200-500 grams

Block Frozen

Pacific Halibut


Land Frozen

10-20, 20-40 lbs


Pink Salmon


Land Frozen


2-4, 4+ lbs

IQF, Packed in Totes

Sebastes Marinus & Sebastes Mentella

Whole Round

Land Frozen

100-300, 200-300, 300-500 grams

Block Frozen

Scallop Meat, Roe off

10/20, 20/30 pcs per lb

IQF, Packed in 6x5 lb bags or 1 kg bags


Skinon Wings, Skinless Wings

400-800, 800+ grams

IWP in 5 kg carton or Bulk Pack

Snow Crab

Clusters / Sections

3-5, 5-8, 8-10, 10+ oz

Brine Frozen, 30 lb cartons

Sockeye Salmon


Land Frozen

2-4, 4-6, 6+ lbs

IQF, Packed in Totes, Packed in cartons

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